Marketing & Customer Management

Customer needs and expectations, competition, benchmarks and operational drivers are key market drivers. Poor marketing can be equally destructive for the current and future value of the organization.

Marketing Strategy

We develop innovative marketing strategies to acquire, retain and grow market value. Client marketing programs are structured in such a way that attractive customer segments are well defined, targeted treatment strategies are developed for each segment around their specific profiles, which in turn drive up both revenue and profits. Our marketing strategy services range from developing product and service ideas to campaign design and execution management.

Customer Insight & Analytics

We effectively analyze vast amount of data using advanced analytics and data mining techniques, extract hidden business insights and develop cutting-edge business strategies from those insights. We offer a comprehensive and complementary suite of customer insight and analytics services across customer segmentation, attrition/churn prediction, cross/up-sell modeling, campaign optimization, demand forecasting and customer lifetime value modeling.

Customer Retention & Loyalty

In today’s competitive markets, many companies suffer from lack of customer loyalty. Huge marketing budgets are spent on customer-acquisition driven advertising and promotion programs, but it is hard to keep acquired customers loyal to the company. Our approach to customer retention and loyalty start with identifying root causes of customer churn/attrition. We then design loyalty and retention strategy and programs to address those causes.

Customer Experience Management

Every interaction with the customer counts towards either a positive or negative experience with the company. Therefore, we look into all interactions through each touch-point and generate a heat map to visualize customer experience in comparison to client’s brand promise and offerings. We then help our client refine their marketing and sales approaches and fix service levels to better serve their customers, maximize sales and minimize costs.