Emerging Sectors


Several sectors in Saudi Arabia are emerging as attractive goals for local and foreign investors, as they are key contributors and as enablers to achieving the country’s Vision 2030.


The education system is being reshaped in an effort to improve its quality and outcome. The country is focusing on developing early childhood education, refining national curriculum and training its teachers and educational leaders. In addition, it is reforming the regulations paving the way for investors and the private sectors.


In a rapidly growing & young population as KSA, the government recognizes the importance of Housing sector to its citizens and took completely different approach to realize its commitments: by adopting new technologies like 3D printing, using more prefabricated buildings, leveraging robots for construction, providing many incentives for private sector players like funding and risk sharing.


The Kingdom’s financial sector comprises banking, capital markets, insurance, fin-tech and others. The Kingdom’s regulatory system matches the international standards for banking supervision. Moreover, the newly introduced capital markets law allows for brokerages, asset managers, and other non-bank financial intermediaries to operate in the country.  These large efforts are making the Saudi Arabian financial sector even more stable and very integrated with all main international markets and banking systems.

Facts & Figures

Hajj and Umrah
30 Million

Hajj and Umrah visitors expected by 2030
1.6 Billion

Muslims around the world have the duty to fulfill Hajj and Umrah
110 Billion SAR

Government commitment to invest towards Hajj and Umrah sector over the next 10 years
8 Million

Hajj and Umrah current visitors
300 Thousand

Number of students in kindergartens
6.2 Million

Number of students in K12
128 Thousand

Number of students in TVET institutions
1.4 Million

Number of students in higher education
1 Million unit

Number of units to be built in next 5 years

Percentage of new units built using new technology
~14 Billions SAR

Budget allocated to fund projects adopting new technology

Home ownership target by 2020
Financial Services
6% of non-oil GDP, $ 30 B in 2016

Banking system GDP contribution
$ 50 B Approx. stock

Bank notes in circulation
$ 600 B Approx. total balance sheet

Banking system asset
$ 260 B Approx.

Total bank deposits
$ 440 Mn market capitalization

Saudi Stock exchange
1.8% 1m, 3m: 2.1% 6m: 2.2% 12m: 2.3%

Interest rates per maturity on deposits