Mining And Metals


The Mining and Metals processing sector has grown significantly over the last few years. Going forward, it has tremendous growth opportunities in line with Saudi Vision 2030’s goal to have “a mining sector contributing to the national economy at full potential”.


In addition, the country is going through a large industrial and economic diversification that will grow resource-heavy manufacturing sectors such as industrial machinery, electrical equipment, automotive, etc., and thus lead to an increase in demand for metal and mineral products. Moreover, Saudi Arabia’s proximity to other MENA countries puts local manufacturers in a great position to export to those countries. This large demand, coupled with the abundance of resources in Saudi soil, creates significant investment opportunities for private sector investors

Facts & Figures

17 Billion USD

contribution to GDP (15% Mining & 85% Midstream & Downstream)
7 Billion USD

Gross Exports
48 Minerals

have been identified in the Kingdom (at least 15 minerals that are commercially viable)
545 Mt

of Ore extracted
118,000 km^2

Total license areas
250,000 Jobs

Sector Employment