Information And Technology


A modern sector for information and communication technologies is integral to today’s advanced industrial activities.

Saudi Vision 2030 aims to transform Saudi Arabia into a globally competitive ICT hub, with modern technologies and an empowered information society.

The ambition envisages many investment themes, including the development of the digital content and media, the expansion of the telecommunication system, the digitization of the country, and the creation of new high-tech and smart industries.

The government is working alongside the private sector to modernize the ICT infrastructure, enhancing the regulatory framework to enable new innovative investments, and building the most suitable ecosystem to support entrepreneurs and digital talents.

Facts & Figures

37% of households are covered by fiber optics

(23% in 2016)
29.8 Mbps Average fixed broadband speed

(15.7 Mbps in 2016)
29.3 Mbps Average mobile broadband speed

(9.08 Mbps in 2016)
88% Coverage of 4G as percentage of the population

(77.3% in 2016)
71% Digital maturity level percentage of eGovernment services

(58% in 2016)
28.5 B SAR

ecommerce market size in Saudi Arabia