Strategy & Business Architecture

Our strategy and business architecture services focus on seizing opportunities for growth and optimization through a variety of methods.

Some methods concentrate on mobilization of internal dynamics through performance management, organization, people or process-related strategies. Others use external dynamics, such as creating alliances, new businesses lines and acquisitions. Whatever the method, our strategy and business architecture services enable clients to improve their businesses’ strategic and financial performance.


Market Entry Strategy

We develop strategies and operational plans for successful market entry. New markets can mean expansion into new geographies with existing products and services or into adjacent or noncore businesses. Understanding and sizing market potential, identifying priority areas and developing the market entry roadmap are key steps in this process.

Performance Management

Setting the right metrics and measuring them the right way are critical performance management capabilities. We develop performance management structures that are simple to understand, communicate and measure, but effective enough to drive the organization toward target strategies.

Organization Design & Talent Management

Designing organizational structures aligned with business strategy and architectures, and managing people through accurate role and responsibility definitions, performance targets and capability programs are key enablers of strategic execution. We also develop and deliver customized capability building programs for our clients.

Business Process Management

We design and provide expert support to implement the efficient business processes necessary to execute the defined strategies. In our approach, we first prioritize key processes based on the value they represent then address each process as an enabler to deliver the highest quality service, in the most productive way and at the most competitive cost and time.

In line with our specialization, our advisory services concentrate on the areas with the highest potential to enable growth and optimization