Capability Building Services

With our capability building services we assist organizations in becoming more agile in response to changes in the marketplace, rapidly adjusting their actions across commercial operations.

In essence, we embed key capabilities within the organization through three delivery models.

Solution Boxes

Solution boxes contain business models already implemented in previous engagements hence no time is wasted on solving already answered issues. In this delivery model, expected outcomes are well defined prior to the engagement and the client has the information required to run the solution box. Deployment is simply a matter of configuration and handover effort.

Solution Tool kits / Diagnostic Tools

Solution tool kits or diagnosis tools are similar, in that they are also compiled from previous engagements. They include global best practice and outcomes of our research and development initiatives. In this delivery model expected outcomes are well defined, but the client does not possess either sufficient or adequate information to run the solution. Deployment is part of an advisory services engagement.

Employee Skills Uplift Programs

Employee skills uplift programs help organizations to build the necessary skills to run commercial initiatives on their own, beginning under the guidance of Mylink’s Partners experts with experience in the specific business challenge. These programs are not just seminars or training exercises, but are customized programs specifically focused on knowledge transfer via expert guidance.