Energy And Water


Energy & Water is growing rapidly and is considered one of the most important strategic sectors in the kingdom. This led to the emergence of renewable energy as a key objective in Vision 2030 with focus on efficiency as an important element in sustainable growth. The Kingdom currently has the largest desalination market in the world, with aim of increasing the reuse and water treatment market. As well as a leadership role in finding solutions and innovations related to water technologies and research.



Based on a clear foundation and legislation in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity and water, to ensure the rights of investors and consumers, Saudi Arabia is considered one of the strong and serious committed countries with the ongoing privatization and localization in both energy and water sectors In addition, growing demand for electricity and water in the kingdom increases further due to the constant sustainable growth in the industrial, residential and commercial sectors.

Facts & Figures

6 th country worldwide

In solar energy potential
13 th country worldwide

Onshore wind energy potential
27.3 GW

Capacity of renewable energy by 2024
50 USD B

Investment in water sector by 2020
1.9 Mn m3/day in 2020

Water reuse market size by 2020
11 th country worldwide

Annual Electricity Production
260,000 Facilities across the country

Number of government/public buildings that need retrofitting
17 Of SWCC’s desalination plants

Number of desalination plants to be privatized
31 GW

Forecasted capacity of conventional energy by 2030
40 %

Demand growth expectation by 2030
58.7 GW

Renewable energy target by 2030
30 %

Renewable energy share by 2030
3 rd country worldwide

Among the top 20 largest producers
2 Million

Street lights to be retrofitted
2-3 GW

Nuclear energy capacity