Transport And Logistics


Being at the crossroads of important international trade routes, amidst three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 aims at maximizing the benefits of its exceptional and strategic geographic position by building a unique transport & logistics hub in the region.


KSA government has already invested heavily in the construction of several transport & logistics infrastructure such as ports, railways, roads and airports. To take full advantage of these investments, Saudi Arabia is entering into a new series of international partnerships and working with the private sector to complete, improve and link its infrastructure internally and across borders. Transport and logistic infrastructure is also being unlocked with systems that can drive higher performance, including more rigorous governance, leaner processes and a more efficient customs system.

Facts & Figures

70 SAR Billion

Logistic market size

Number of container ports

Total number of airports
85 Million passengers

Number of air passengers in 2016
1.2 Million tons

Volume of air cargo in 2015
1,500 KM

Length of new railways
240 Million tons

Cargo handled by sea ports in 2017