Industrial And Manufacturing


To achieve Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is growing and diversifying its economy: the industrial and manufacturing sectors in particular has the ambition to drive this diversification. The development and growth of the industrial and manufacturing industry is being catalyzed by attractive ecosystem consisting of industrial cities, well-developed infrastructure, high quality utility supplies, and a well-established logistics network.

Facts & Figures

45 USD B & expected to grow at 6% per year over the next 5 years

Size and growth of KSA F & B market

Saudi market share of total GCC market consumption
11 B USD In 2015

KSA imports of F&B
1.3 Tr USD, And growing at 12% per year

Global Halal market size and growth

KSA Halal market size

Share of imports of total Saudi demand
17 B USD

Total imports to Saudi
13 B USD

MENA region total import of energy wires